For five years, I experimented with resin, wax, pigments and various types of chemicals to develop my own type of oil paint named Riesk. Riesk is poured in several layers onto aluminum and glass surfaces, left to dry and then allowed to peel. This highly time controlled process of creating and managing paint, contradicts with the unmanageable process of allowing gravity to dictate its form.

This film highlights my latest experimentation with pigment and temperature has evolved into a chemical reaction between two types of Riesk. The closeup’s for this film have been shot over a number of weeks. Put together they from a time lapse of the reaction’s that occurs during the drying processes of Riesk. The film reveals the chemical reaction between these different types of Riesk – this resembles natural cell structures as seen under a microscope. These cells are the ‘finger print’ of each individual painting — identity is explored. Within this self-applied mark making, the painting withdraws from the author and enables itself to start a life of its own.